A Message to our Team Members & Followers in India

— Austin, Texas — 

To the Redfruit Media team and our dedicated supporters, 

We would like to extend our hearts out to the people of India during these trying times. While India’s healthcare system remains increasingly overwhelmed, the need for oxygen to treat infected patients amid the roaring pandemic has become a dire and pressing concern. 

Redfruit Media is a worldwide organization spanning several continents and territories across the globe. With nearly 23% of our team members hailing from India we have certainly felt the weight of the healthcare predicament faced by Indian citizens across the country. 

“I am thankful that our company is able to extend a helping hand during our time of need. It is a truly wonderful gesture for a very noble cause and I am confident that our contribution will go a long way in providing the necessary equipment and resources needed to help. We are eagerly awaiting safe, happy, and healthy times ahead.”

Pururaj Dutta – Vice President, Redfruit Media

We are teaming up with Mission Oxygen, a steadfast initiative organized by a community of founders and entrepreneurs across Delhi/NCR to aid and assist hospitals currently running out of oxygen to treat coronavirus patients. You can learn more about Mission Oxygen and join us in showing your support by donating at: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/mission-oxygen-helping-hospitals-to-save-lives 

“On behalf of myself and Redfruit Media, we wish the best for our Indian team members and we want to do everything in our power to ensure that they stay safe and strong. Additionally, we have made a donation to Mission Oxygen which helps hospitals across the country obtain immediate access to oxygen concentrators. We are with you.”

Holden Satterwhite – CEO, Redfruit Media

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