Redfruit Media infrastructure on track to be 100% powered by renewable energy by end of the year

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Redfruit Media announced today that the company is 70% on the way of reaching its goal of being fully powered by renewable energy by end of the year.

Behind the scenes starting in early 2021, Redfruit Media has gradually transitioned to Amazon Web Services U.S. West (Oregon) region which is powered by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and renewable energy credits. This ranges from Redfruit Media’s internal and production infrastructure used to power our websites such as the Appleosophy website.

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Redfruit Media uses Cloudflare, which provides security protection on all of our websites and enhances our users web experience with their fast global CDN network. Cloudflare is 100% powered by renewable energy using RECs.

In celebration of Earth Day, Redfruit Media today announced that the company will be donating to Team Trees, which establishes tree nurseries and planting trees which helps bring a sustainable water supply through protecting and replanting around springs and rivers, restoring habitat for wildlife, stabilizing steep slopes prone to landslides, and securing livelihoods.

These are the many ways Redfruit Media is trying to reach its goal of being 100% powered by renewable energy and to reduce our impact and on track to reach our goal by the end of 2022.


  1. Sustainability in the Cloud
  2. Cloudflare Committed to building a Greener Internet
  3. TeamTrees

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