Redfruit Media Acquires Silicon Report

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Redfruit Media LLC today has acquired the Apple News & Rumors page Silicon Report. Jake Sworski, the previous owner of Silicon Report, will be joining Redfruit Media as an advisor.

“I am excited to join Redfruit Media,” said Jake Sworski, the previous owner of Silicon Report. “Leading Silicon Report has been a pleasure, and I look forward to my continued work with the team at Redfruit.”

“Given our expertise in this area of the internet, I’m sure Silicon Report will join up nicely with our other brands: Appleosophy, Apple Summit & TechPod – to create a strong bond that tech fellows will be able to follow across multiple platforms and grow with us along the way.” said Christopher Grainger, the Chief Operating Officer of Redfruit Media. “I also thank Jake for his efforts in maintaining Silicon Report and his cooperation in merging.”

“We are thrilled to have Silicon Report join Redfruit Media,” said Holden Satterwhite, the Chief Executive Officer of Redfruit Media. “We have had a close relationship with the team at Silicon Report since our founding, and we look forward to the future of Silicon Report. More will be announced later this month, and make sure to follow @siliconreport on Instagram and Telegram.”

About Silicon Report:

Silicon Report, which reports Apple News & Rumors, was founded by Jake Sworski in 2016 on Instagram and has expanded to other social media platforms since then. The account today has 66,200 followers on Instagram, with over 1,500 community members on Telegram. 

Redfruit Media completed the transaction on November 13, and the company has fully acquired Silicon Report. Redfruit Media will have more announcements regarding Silicon Report later this month.