Redfruit Media Announces TechPod’s Strategic Restructuring: New Offerings, Enhanced Website, Introduction of Online Consulting, and Acceptance of New Clients

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Redfruit Media is thrilled to announce a significant restructuring plan for TechPod, marking a transformative phase in the company’s evolution. This initiative introduces new service offerings, a revamped website available starting today, the introduction of online consulting services, and the exciting news that TechPod Social is now accepting new clients.

Key Highlights of the Restructuring Plan:

  • Expanded Service Offerings and New Pricing: TechPod is broadening its service range with cutting-edge digital solutions tailored to modern business needs. Alongside these new services, we have new plans and pricing aligning with our commitment to provide value and quality to our clients.
  • Launch of a New Website: A key element of this restructuring is the launch of TechPod’s new website, available starting today. The website offers an enhanced user experience, streamlined navigation, and more information about TechPod’s expanded services.
  • Introduction of Online Consulting: TechPod is excited to announce the introduction of online consulting services. This addition aims to provide clients with personalized guidance and strategic insights to help businesses transition to remote work, help find the right online tools for businesses and more.
  • TechPod Social Now Accepting New Clients: As part of the restructuring, TechPod Social is now open to new clients. Businesses looking for expert social media management, website development, and consulting services are invited to explore the tailored solutions offered by TechPod Social.

“We’re excited to introduce the initial phase of TechPod’s restructuring plan,” announced Redfruit Media CEO, Holden Satterwhite. Our dedicated team has been working behind the scenes, crafting new plans and services with a strong focus on technology. We are currently working on new systems for our clients to help enhance the TechPod experience which we will be announcing in the next couple of months. Stay tuned.”

“It’s an extremely exciting change for TechPod!”, said Redfruit Media COO, Christopher Grainger. “We’ve been working on many back end and front end improvements to ensure that our service continues to be the best and most reliable platform for our customers. The structural changes for the business help make our technical innovations flow smoothly across the board as we continue to implement them onto our live systems.”

Details of New Plans and Services:

TechPod is introducing three new plans to cater to the diverse needs of businesses:1

  1. TechPod Social – $399 per month: Ideal for small businesses looking for effective social media management.
  2. TechPod Social+ – $1,299 per month: Tailored for small and medium-sized businesses that require a more comprehensive suite of services.
  3. TechPod Social Pro – $2,599 per month: Designed for small and medium-sized businesses seeking full social media management.

Digital Consulting Services:

In addition to our new plans, TechPod is pleased to offer Digital Consulting services at the competitive rate of $50 per hour. This service is designed to provide businesses with strategic insights and guidance in the digital realm.

Website Development Services:

TechPod is also offering Website Development services at a rate of $55 per hour. This service aims to provide businesses with expert website development to enhance their online presence.

Get Started with TechPod:

Clients and potential clients can easily get started with TechPod by reaching out through the following channels2:

  • Email: Contact us via email at [email protected].
  • Online Meeting: Schedule an online meeting with our team to discuss your business needs.
  • Live Chat: Talk with a TechPod representative via live chat for quick assistance.

Special Note for Legacy Clients:

Clients on our legacy pricing will not be impacted by these changes. TechPod is committed to supporting our legacy clients, and more information about how these changes may or may not affect them will be announced in the coming weeks.

Further details about the restructuring, along with additional updates, will be communicated in the coming weeks. TechPod will host informational sessions to introduce clients to these new features and changes.

You can learn more about today’s announcements at

  1. More information on TechPod’s new social media plans is available at ↩︎
  2. Live Chat is only available during business hours. ↩︎