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Appleosophy Launches Secure Anonymous Tips Portal Powered by GlobaLeaks

Austin, Texas — Appleosophy, the leading Apple news and rumors publication, is excited to announce the launch of its secure and anonymous tips portal. With a commitment to privacy and security, Appleosophy now offers a new platform powered by GlobaLeaks, ensuring that sources can share news tips without compromising their identity to Appleosophy.


Key Features of Our Tips Portal:

  1. Encrypted and Anonymous: Our platform leverages GlobaLeaks, an open-source whistleblowing software, to guarantee the confidentiality of tip submissions. Messages and documents are encrypted for secure storage, protecting the users privacy.
  2. Compliance: The tips portal adheres to international standards, including ISO 37002, the EU Directive 2019/1937, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We take data protection seriously and ensure compliance with these regulations.
  3. Access via Tor Browser: For maximum anonymity, we recommend accessing our tips portal via the Tor Browser using the following onion address: iag2t6pk4jholkcgw5ovnkdmzasvtolvfp5emri7etveds3mvbhp4qad.onion.
  4. Trained Writers and Editors: Anonymous tips submitted through our platform will be accessed only by our approved and trained team members.

Appleosophy remains committed to providing the latest Apple news and rumors you care about while safeguarding the privacy of our sources. We encourage tipsters to use our secure platform for the best level of security.

Disclaimer: This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Redfruit Media LLC encourages users to comply with applicable laws and regulations when submitting tips.