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Community Guidelines

Our Community Rules cover our websites, our social media accounts, Telegram groups, and all other social media accounts run by Appleosophy and Silicon Report; subsidiaries of Redfruit Media LLC.

By interacting with Appleosophy or Silicon Report in any way which includes; liking, reacting to, commenting on, sharing, retweeting, quoting, etc. whether you like, follow, or subscribe to that page or not you agree to abide by our Community Rules outlined below:

  1. Respectful Dialogue:
    • Cultivate respectful and constructive conversations.
    • Avoid derogatory remarks, insults, or personal attacks.
  2. Legal Compliance:
    • Content that is illegal under U.S. law is strictly prohibited and will be removed.
    • Instances of illegal content may be reported to law enforcement authorities.
  3. Relevance and Quality:
    • Ensure that discussions and shared content are relevant to the topics of Appleosophy and Silicon Report.
    • Strive for quality in the content you share, and avoid spamming the platforms.
  4. Privacy:
    • Respect the privacy of others and avoid sharing personal information without explicit consent.
  5. Inclusivity:
    • Promote an inclusive environment for all members, irrespective of their race, gender, religion, or nationality.
  6. No Impersonation:
    • Do not impersonate other individuals or falsely represent an identity.
  7. Moderation:
    • Abide by the directions of the moderators.
    • Report any violations of these guidelines to the moderators.
  8. Constructive Feedback:
    • Offer constructive feedback and express your concerns or disagreements in a respectful manner.

By engaging in our community on Telegram and social media, you agree to comply with these guidelines to ensure a positive and enriching experience for all members. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in warnings, muting, or removal from the platforms.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to building a respectful and insightful community together!

Last update on: October 24, 2023